Shodai Soke Irie Yasuhiro founder of the KoKoDo Ju Jutsu
(The Way of the Imperial Light) 
History Soke
Soke Irie Yasuhiro started his training in Hakko Ryu Ju Jutsu under the guidance of the founder of the Hakko Ryu, Shodai Soke Ryuho Okuyama. 
Soke Irie studied the physical skills of the Hakko Ryu system.  In 1971 he received the Shihan title and he started teaching in the Honbu Dojo of the Hakko Ryu.

Yasuhiro Irie was such an excellent student that under Okuyama Ryuho, he was the Head Teacher for many years in the Hakko Ryu Honbu Dojo.

In 1995 Soke Irie founded the KoKoDo Jujutsu. Sensei Irie is the first (Shodai) Soke of the KoKoDo Ju Jutsu.

KoKoDo Ju Jutsu a traditional martial art, specialized in locks and pressure points. The origin of this art can be traced back to early Japan.  This was studied and practiced by the former Samurai.

KoKoDo Ju Jutsu consists of a series of emphasized basic techniques (kata), similar to the Daito Ryu.
These are model attacks in which every student knows which action the opponent will take.  There are different levels in this system that are taught to the students.

The first four levels are black belt levels: Shodan, Nidan, Sandan, Yondan. The last levels are: Shihan, Menkyo Kaiden Shihan. These last levels can only be given and obtained by the founder in the Honbu Dojo in Saitama Omiya Japan. The belt colour for the last levels is purple.

In KoKoDo Ju Jutsu purple is the highest belt. In Japan, this colour also stands for loyalty and honour.

In 1977 he was promoted to the highest rank in the Hakko-Ryu Ju Jutsu. In the same year he received the honoured title “Jodai” from Soke Okuyama. (Jodai is an ancient Japanese term that means castle value).

This title was only given to a few senior Shihans who weren't only technically the best, but also the most trustworthy ones.

Irie Sensei was the head-inspector in the Hakko Ryu School until 1993.

In 1990 Soke Irie opened his KoKoDo Clinic where he practices and teaches acupuncture, bone setting, moxa and shiatsu.
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